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Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

The team at JB Bostick has the skill and experience to handle any commercial paving projects of all sizes. We can take care of patching a pothole or repaving an entire parking lot.

Stormwater Management Plans

JB Bostick can help both residential and commercial customers come up with and implement erosion control measures. We can install and place silt fences, rock bags, hay bales, straw blankets, and anything else needed to do the job effectively and efficiently. Finally, we can street sweep following construction to clear any debris that may cause a problem with water flow.

Grading & Excavation

When these processes are not properly done, it can lead to a host of potential problems with your site, such as poor drainage, cracked pavement, and even safety issues. Our experienced crew has the skill to take care of both rough grading and finish grading.

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