In 1969, Jim Bostick thought about starting his own paving company. He had worked three summers for a neighbor who specialized in asphalt paving. While learning the ropes, Jim believed he could succeed on his own. At the young age of 23, with a lot of determination and only $1,675, Jim started his own company and put his name behind it.

“I mostly repaired potholes in residential areas,” he remembered. “I didn’t have any employees or equipment. I did most of the work myself and rented equipment when I needed it.”

He is very proud of the fact that he used no credit when purchasing equipment, paying cash for everything. As business got better, additional staff was required. A good friend of Jim’s, Jerry Hamlin, worked for Uniroyal Tires during that time and was about to transfer to New York. Knowing Jerry wanted to stay in California, Jim offered him a position at his company. He accepted, and eventually became a co-owner of the company. With Jim and Jerry working together, the company quickly moved from residential jobs to commercial projects.

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