Analysis and Design

Pavement Condition Assessment in Southern California, CA

At JB Bostick, our goal has always been to create the greatest possible value for our clients. We have found that incorporating value engineering into our design and construction process results in greater added value and reduced costs for our clients. Our team of project managers carefully considers all aspects of the project when making value engineering proposals to each client.

Value Engineering for Paving and Construction

Pavement Analysis and Design in paving and construction is the analysis of value vs. function of the products, materials and services being used on a project.

This generally means either cutting costs without losing quality or functionality, or, improving quality or functionality while keeping costs the same. JB Bostick considers value engineering to be a necessary step in any design and construction process.

Lifespan Value Engineering

Many products and materials are designed to function optimally within a specific lifespan. This allows an engineer to select products and materials that last no more and no less than required to meet the requirements of the job.

Similar to the concrete foundation example above, designing a project to use products and materials that will outlast the lifespan of the project itself creates an unnecessary expense. As material science improves, designers and engineers need to stay current on what is available.

Value Engineering Study

A value engineering study and analysis can also be called common sense. Advancements in pavement engineering might not move as fast as microchips, but are important to our customers nonetheless.

In today’s world of tight budgets and short timelines, reducing even the smallest amount of time or cost on a pavement or concrete project can translate into a dramatic increase in value or function for the overall project. For this reason, JB Bostick incorporates value engineering at every step of a project.

JB Bostick is Southern California and Los Angeles’ top Pavement Condition Assessment contractor in Southern California, CA . We specialize in large jobs such as parking lots and city roads. We have a reputation for getting Pavement Analysis and Design jobs done on time and within budget. Our fleet of advanced paving equipment and high-quality concrete and asphalt materials mean the longest duration possible between updating and refinishing, which means cost savings for you.